About Us

Waypoint Aerotec, Ltd. is based in West Sussex in the United Kingdom while Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation operates from Everett, WA in the USA

Management Team

Derek Graham

Managing Director, Waypoint Aerotec

Ex-Military and Civil Airline pilot, Fixed Wing and Helicopter. Management experience at up to CEO level in a number of Aircraft MROs, Overhaul Companies and Distributors. 21 years as Aviation Adviser to the Board of Oil Spill Response Limited, a non-profit environmental organisation owned by 47 of the major oil companies.

Jon Bishop

Head of Design, Waypoint Aerotec

Jon has extensive experience within the aeronautical industry, particularly in the aircraft interiors sector.  Jon has worked globally under both the EASA and FAA certification environments over the past 15 years and brings this wealth of knowledge to the task as the Head of Design for Waypoint Aerotec.  Coming primarily from the mechanical structures and design background, combined with key skills in certification, Jon provides a great link to customers requiring efficient guidance and solutions to complex and difficult problems often found within the aerospace certification framework.

Andy Howey

Head of Airworthiness, Waypoint Aerotec

Andy has over 30 years’ experience in a design and certification environment within the aviation industry.  Beginning in the field of aircraft structures, he has gone on to lead Design Organizations in many large aircraft and rotorcraft modification projects, from full VIP interiors to structural and system conversions.  Andy is Head of Airworthiness for Waypoint Aerotec, bringing his structural cabin safety and EASA/FAA certification to the team, together with additional expertise in such areas as ETSO/TSO approval and flight testing.

Rory Martin

Deputy Head of Design, Waypoint Aerotec

Extensively experienced Aeronautical Structures Engineer with a proven 34-year track record in airworthiness certification and validation, regulation and accident investigation support both in the UK and internationally. Expert in large transport aircraft and rotorcraft, helping to define the current shape of the Aircraft Certification Division within the CAA.

Les Bent, C.Eng., MIMechE, MSc (Cranfield)

Head of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, Waypoint Aerotec

Les has 23 years’ experience in F&DT with companies including, BAe (Woodford), Jetstream (Prestwick) and Beoing (Renton).  He is a Visiting Lecturer on the subject at Cranfield University and the author of “Practical Aircraft Fatigue and Damage Tolerance.”

Leon Winnert

Head of Independent Monitoring System, Waypoint Aerotec

Extensively experienced Aeronautical Stress Engineer with a proven 52-year track record in airworthiness certification and validation, regulation and accident investigation support both in the UK EASA and internationally.